Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Simpsonville Elementary School Nurse Sherri Wilson Simpsonville Elementary School Nurse Sherri Wilson has been named South Carolina School Nurse of the Year. The award is presented annually by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control and the SC Department of Education to publicly recognize the outstanding contributions of a school nurse. She was named GCS School Nurse of the Year in December.

Nurse Sherri is known for putting smiles on the faces of students and staff. "There have been many times I've gone by the health room and seen parents or staff members there for a dose of Sherri’s encouragement," said Simpsonville Elementary Principal Jan James. 

In addition to daily responsibilities for more than 800 students and 80 staff members, she keeps staff up to date on procedural changes, alerts teachers if students have medical issues requiring special monitoring, and leads the school's First Response Team. Assistant Principal Jackie Earle commended her “above and beyond” efforts which include organizing vision and hearing screenings and emailing health tips to staff each week.

One parent expressed her gratitude for Nurse Sherri when her daughter became very sick with a serious stomach illness requiring hospitalization. "Nurse Sherri called every day and stayed in touch with us. After returning to school, she took it upon herself to talk with our daughter daily and work with the cafeteria manager about her diet and food intake," she said.

Congratulations to Sherri Wilson, South Carolina School Nurse of the Year!

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