Posted: Monday, December 12, 2011

GEENVILLE, SC — Greenville County Schools announces the addition of 26 new National Board Certified (NBC) teachers, one of the teaching profession’s most respected achievements. With 631 teachers who have achieved National Board Certification, Greenville County Schools ranks 13th in the nation out of more than 14,000 school districts (based on most recent data) for total number of NBC teachers.

“I congratulate these teachers for pursuing the rigorous process of earning National Board Certification,” said District Superintendent Dr. Phinnize J. Fisher. “These highly accomplished educators have gained valuable knowledge that will strengthen their performance in the classroom and will have a tremendous impact on the children they teach.”

The National Board Certification process allows teachers to evaluate and improve their teaching abilities, resulting in enhanced teaching and learning, and defines the knowledge, skills and accomplishments that symbolize teaching excellence. It was created so teachers, like professionals in other fields, can achieve distinction by demonstrating through a demanding performance assessment they meet high and rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do.

Teachers seeking National Board Certification undertake a two-part process that takes from one to three years to complete. The process requires candidates to reflect on their classroom practices, their understanding of subject material, and their preparation techniques. In addition to preparing a portfolio with video recordings of classroom teaching, lesson plans, student work samples and reflective essays, teachers must complete assessment center exercises based on content knowledge that prove they have mastered the subjects they teach and met the high standards for accomplished teaching.

2012 National Board Certified Teachers - Greenville County Schools

Katie Baggott - Kindergarten - Taylors Elementary
Rebecca Blevins - Kindergarten - Summit Drive Elementary
Katherine Canterbury - Kindergarten - Simpsonville Elementary
Catherine Cassell - Jewelry Design - Fine Arts Center
Kimberly Cheek - Second Grade - Oakview Elementary
Wesley Dodgens - Social Studies - Mauldin High
Christina Edgar - Mathematics - Greer Middle
Kimberly Farmer - Third Grade - Brushy Creek Elementary
Kimberly John - Fourth Grade - Lake Forest Elementary
Mary Kroske - Kindergarten - Mitchell Road Elementary
Kimberly Lane - Fourth Grade - Mauldin Elementary
Anne Lawrence - Math/Science - Sevier Middle
Katie Lawton - Special Education - Southside High Academy
Tracy Legrand - Third Grade - Chandler Creek Elementary
Jennifer Murphy - Fourth Grade - Bethel Elementary
James Nalley - Science - Bryson Middle
Catherine Anne Osborne - Kindergarten - Rudolph Gordon Elementary
Julie Owen- - Second Grade - Duncan Chapel Elementary
Lezlie Peck- - Fourth Grade - Pelham Road Elementary
Heather Huckabee Petrusick - Special Education - Washington Center
Stephanie Rees - English- - Berea High
Tatiana Shea - English-- Mauldin High
Melissa Sims - Home Economics - Woodmont High
Nancy Smith - English Language Arts - Hughes Middle Academy
Amy Stephens - English - Eastside High
Kelli Wallen - Second Grade - Brushy Creek Elementary

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