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Procurement Department


2 Space Drive
Taylors, South Carolina 29687
Phone - (864) 355-1280

Matt Pettit, Director of Procurement

The Procurement Department is dedicated to serving the students and staff of Greenville County Schools. We are responsible for procuring all supplies, services and equipment for more than 77,000 students and 10,000 staff members of Greenville County Schools.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all students and staff members with the highest quality materials and services in a fiscally responsible manner in order to support academic achievement.


The Board of Trustees of The School District of Greenville County and the Superintendent have delegated to the Procurement Department, the responsibility for the procurement of all equipment, materials, and services required to equip, maintain and operate its schools and other facilities. The responsibility for transfer of equipment between locations and disposal of surplus property has also been delegated to the Procurement Department.

In order to ensure that the District will obtain the maximum value for each dollar expended and that all equipment, materials and services are procured in a systematic manner, the Procurement Department must employ selective, competitive solicitations as stipulated by District policy.

The District Procurement Code and Regulations are substantially similar to the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code as approved by the South Carolina Legislature.

General Information

The District is required by Section 11-35-70 of the South Carolina Code of Laws to maintain and adhere to its own Procurement Code and Regulations. Every three years the District is audited to determine if the District is following its Procurement Code and Regulations.

Any product, service or any other expenditure of District funds must be processed in accordance with the Procurement Code and Regulations. The level of competitive solicitations varies by dollar amount. Local funds are typically exempt from the competitive solicitation process.

Individuals shall not commit any District money before a Purchase Order is issued. Individuals that authorize material to be delivered or services performed before a Purchase Order is issued, may be held responsible for paying the costs related to the commitment.

Special Notice

The District is statutorily required to follow competitive solicitation requirements as mandated by state law and Board policy when expending public funds. Contracts or special pricing offered by organizations such as U. S. Communities, The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) and The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) through various vendors cannot be accepted for District purchases. These “contracts” do not meet the requirements of the District’s Procurement Code and Regulations and any such prices offered cannot be substituted for prices that are competitively solicited by District personnel. Any questions regarding the use of pricing or contracts offered by these types organizations should be directed to the Procurement Department at 355 -1279.