Title I

Title I is the largest program of federal funding in education signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson. President Johnson recognized the extremely difficult problem that children throughout the country were having with their reading and mathematics. In an effort to help them catch up, extra attention, materials, and teachers were provided by the Elementary Secondary Education Act, Title I (ESEA).

Title I can help parents understand their child and be more involved in the child's education. Within the Title I program, the parents have rights that they should be aware of. Parents have the right to see progress reports on their child and their school. Parents can request information about their child's teacher's qualifications. Parents also have the right to help decide if Title I is meeting their child's needs.

Where We Are...

The purpose of Title I is to assist schools in improving student achievement, staff development, and parental involvement. All public schools receiving Title I funds are district schools operating under Schoolwide Programs. Schools utilize Title I funds to enhance the regular district instructional program. Schools use funds to:

If you have questions regarding Title I, contact our Title I Facilitator (TIF), Pat Russell, at 355-4814.

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