Pride Award Assembly - Kiwanis Terrific Kid Assembly

Who: The PRIDE assembly involves all classroom teachers and students. Related Arts teachers distribute awards at the end of the school year.
What: The PRIDE assembly at East North Street Academy is our awards program that recognizes students for academic achievement, attendance and behavior.
When: The PRIDE assembly is held four times per school year – after each 9 weeks grading period.
Where: The PRIDE assembly is held in the cafetorium and begins a 9 AM.

Awards Distributed

Honor Roll – no averaging of grades

Perfect Attendance

Top Notch Worker – for grade 4K, K5 and First Grade Only

Kiwanis Terrific Kid Award Assembly

KiwanisThis year East North Street Academy has an assembly each quarter for the Kiwanis Terrific Kids. Terrific Kids is a Kiwanis program for elementary school students that promotes higher self esteem, positive attitudes, and self discipline. Students receive encouragement and recognition for achieving personal goals in self improvement such as improved behavior,better relationships with peers, better school attendance, and better work habits. Classroom teachers select two students per quarter for this award.