School Improvement Council (SIC)

The Education Finance Act of 1977, as amended by the Education Improvement Act of 1984, the Early Childhood Development and Academic Assistance Act of 1993, mandates that an improvement council be established in each South Carolina school.

Our School Improvement Council (SIC) is an advisory committee to our school's principal, Mrs. Brantley, consisting of elected and appointed parents, teachers and community members. Meeting the third Monday of each month at noon in the private dining room, this council works together to:

assist in the preparation of the five year plan and annual updates

assist with the development and monitoring of school improvement and innovation

develop an annual report to the parents and constituents of the school by November 15 of each year that shall provide information on the school's progress on meeting the school and district goals and objectives

provide advice on the use of school incentive awards

provide assistance as the principal may request, as well as carrying out any other duties prescribed by the local school board

2015-2016 SIC Chair - Elena Tropp

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