Street Address

100 Pine Knoll Dr.
Greenville , SC 29609
(864) 355-0100

 Wade Hampton High 

Driving Directions

I-385 NORTH: Take I-385 and exit at Hwy.291 North (Pleasantburg Drive). Once on Hwy. 291 (6 lanes), you will not turn until you see Wade Hampton High School on your right. Go straight through four traffic lights. As you pass the third traffic light, you will have to move over at the next light to the third lane from the right as the first two lanes on the right are turn lanes onto Wade Hampton Blvd. And Hwy. 29 North. Go straight through this fourth light (Red Lobster Restaurant on your left and IBM building on your right). As you go through this light, the road narrows to two lanes and is now Pine Knoll Drive. School is 500 yards up on your right.

From DOWNTOWN: Get on Church Street (Hwy. 29) until it spills onto Wade Hampton Blvd./Hwy. 29 North. Stay on Wade Hampton Blvd. as you will be taking a left at the fifth traffic light. As you pass Bob Jones University (third traffic light), you want to be in the far left lane (about 200 yards from third light to fourth light). Go straight through the fourth light (about 150 yards from fourth light to fifth light). At this point, you will see the Woodlawn Cemetery on the left and turn left onto Pine Knoll Drive at the fifth traffic light. School is 500 yards up on your right.

From GREER on WADE HAMPTON BLVD: From Greer, take Wade Hampton Blvd. (Hwy. 29) to Greenville. Take a right at the traffic light that has IBM building on the left, Bank of America branch on the right (Red Lobster is across intersection on the left and Woodlawn Cemetery is across intersection on the right). School is 500 yards up on your right.

From FURMAN UNIVERSITY (Hwy. 25): Take Hwy. 25 South to Cherrydale Point. Take a left at Cherrydale Point onto Hwy. 291/Pleasantburg Drive. Stay on Pleasantburg Drive for about two miles and go through four traffic lights (two of these traffic lights are at Cherrydale Point entrances). At the fifth traffic light you will take a left onto Hwy. 29 North/Wade Hampton Blvd. As you do so, the Woodlawn Cemetery will be on your left and the Red Lobster Restaurant on your right. Go 150 yards and move into the left turn lane and take a left onto Pine Knoll Drive. School is 500 yards on your right.