Posted: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

National School Nurse Day, May 6, 2020, is a time to celebrate the dedication of our school nurses. More than ever, all members of our school communities, including school nurses, have been required to take on unprecedented roles and adapt quickly to changes in their jobs. It is reflective of the significant roles school nurses have in the health care of their school communities to help make a healthier place for children and families to learn and grow. National School Nurse Day is sponsored by the National Association of School Nurses (NASN).

Greenville County Schools’ nurses sprang into action with our Food Services meal distribution team. “I think the nurses bring a level of confidence and comfort to our employees that they are safe and are being cared for,” said Janet Lage, GCS Director of Medical Health Services. “They ensure the mitigation measures that are recommended by the CDC, including six-foot social distancing rules, the washing of the hands, the masking when close to one another, are being properly implemented.”

In a regular school setting, school nurses have the knowledge and skills to plan and implement care for students with chronic and medically complex conditions and prepare school staff to recognize and respond appropriately to potential emergencies.

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