Posted: Monday, November 9, 2015

Gregory Morgan is blind, autistic and musically gifted. The Washington Center student was one of three in Greenville County to be invited on stage to guest conduct the Greenville Symphony Orchestra.

Gregory’s music teacher Julie Dail helped him prepare. “What’s really unique is that he won’t see any of the musicians, or know where he is, he just knows it is big, his ears will pick up on the resonance of the room,” she said.

Gregory assisted with the final musical number at a performance at the Peace Center. In the audience were students from 19 Greenville County schools.

Dail said she never had any concerns about whether Gregory could do it. “He just responds so well to music, he never worries about who is around him, he just lets go.”

Gregory used a cane to get on stage, Dail helped him get into place. He smiled throughout his perform and remembered to bow.

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