Posted: Sunday, November 29, 2015

Flyer of poinsettia saleHillcrest High School’s Annual Poinsettia Sale begins Monday, November 30th. This is the eighth year for the Agriculture Department sale. Students spend six to eight months growing the plants. When they are planted they are about the size of a thumb nail.

“They are extremely hard to grow, they are hard to get to bloom on time. My wife can tell you I’m on pins and needles the entire month of November and part of October,” said Agriculture teacher Paul Earle.

photo of large group of poinsettiasEarle hopes students learn job skills. “I believe we educate young people in order for them to make a living. The students are involved from seed to planting to organizing the greenhouse to planning the sales. They budget, they inventory, they do a profit and loss sheet. They know exactly how much money is coming in,” Earle said.

Most of the students who take these classes like to work outdoors, it really teaches us a lot about plants, you go home and your mom wants you to do something in the garden and it really helps you because you have done all of this here,” said student Keaton Smith.

There are 1200 plants in 400 pots. Each pot costs $12. The sale is open during school hours and by appointment.

“It is fun to see the people come out and they are like, wow this is amazing that y’all do this, it is nice to give back to the community,” said student Curry Owens.

All of the proceeds stay with the Hillcrest High Agriculture program. Students help decide which tools and equipment to purchase.

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