Posted: Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, November 16 - School Support Staff Appreciation Day

These essential personnel serve on the front lines day in and day out, working closely with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and school visitors.

Debbie Bird, Clerk/Receptionist, Riverside HighDebbie Bird, Clerk/Receptionist, Riverside High

Mrs. Bird demonstrates grace under pressure when dealing with parents, students, faculty members, and administration. Her professionalism abounds as she multi-tasks throughout the day, paging an administrator, answering questions of callers, finding locker combinations for students, and executing a multitude of other tasks. Even the most upset parent leaves the front office with a smile because Mrs. Bird’s attitude is contagious.

Cynthia Cantrell, FANS Operator, Welcome ElementaryCynthia Cantrell, FANS Operator, Welcome Elementary

“Miss Cindy,” as she is known, has made lunchtime one of the best times of the day for students at Welcome Elementary. She has the ability to turn problematic children into sweet students because she holds them accountable when she sees them. She knows each child by name and makes personal connections with them. She strives to make a difference in the lives of students and teachers.

Silvia Loaiza, Classroom Aide, Greenview Child Development CenterSilvia Loaiza, Classroom Aide, Greenview Child Development Center

Mrs. Loaiza loves her job as a classroom aide at Greenview Child Development Center. “My role is to ensure that the children are paying attention when Mrs. Oates is teaching,” she said. “I work with students when they are in centers and in small groups. I’m here to support the teacher and I love what I do.” As a 21-year veteran with Greenville County Schools, Mrs. Loaiza has served as an interpreter at Hollis Elementary and a parent educator at Northwest Crescent CDC.

Inspiration happens here every day. Powerful. Enlightening. Limitless.

Greenville County Schools is celebrating American Education Week with other schools and districts across the nation during the week of November 16-20 with the theme Inspiration happens here every day. Powerful. Enlightening. Limitless.

Greenville County Schools, the nation’s 44th largest school district, understands and encourages the active involvement of parents, volunteers, and the community as our more than 5,000 teachers inspire young people to work together to educate college- and career-ready graduates.

Schools will host special events during the week to spotlight teachers and other staff. Parents and other community members are invited to visit a local school to observe the outstanding students, staff and programs of Greenville County Schools. .

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