Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Students at Augusta Circle Elementary are celebrating a successful fundraiser and the completion of 4000 hours of community service.

“The fund raising was secondary,” said PTA co-president Jennifer Harvey. “Our primary goal was about teaching children about paying it forward and being good citizens, part of that is giving in service. They were baking cookies, writing letters to their mailmen, I saw hand prints by our custodian’s office thanking him for what he does.”

In just over a week students raised $40,000 for their own school and $15,000 for a low income, flood ravaged school in Columbia.

“They had already cancelled all of their field trips for the year because of a lack of money so there is definitely a need there,” Harvey said.

As a reward, teachers of the top fundraising classes got to give the Assistant Principal a pie in the face.

The PTA president says school leaders plan to visit South Kilbourne Elementary in Columbia in the coming weeks to deliver the funds.

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