Posted: Friday, December 5, 2014

America Recycles Week is an exciting time where students start good habits or continue old ones. Oakview is proud to say that we recycle almost everything! Parents and students could bring in new and used shoes or our usual recycling items: aluminum cans, eyeglasses, crayons, glue sticks, 6-pack rings, batteries, cell phones, plastic bottles, bottle caps, juice pouches, ink cartridges and toners, and all types of electronics.

But this year, to really kick off America Recycles Week, a shoe-napper suddenly appeared at Oakview! He shoe-napped our principal’s and plant engineer’s shoes and locked them away on the cafeteria stage! Why? Because this year they partnered with a very special group in South Carolina called Shoes4Water. Shoes4Water takes donated shoes and sells them to locals in Kenya who don’t have access to quality shoes. The money they raise is then allocated to the Kenyan communities to help drill new wells, provide maintenance for old wells and any other support so the local people have fresh drinking water. Oakview wanted to help this wonderful non-profit group reach as many people in Kenya as possible.

So, the shoe-napper set the goal to release the principal’s shoes at 1,000 pairs! Seemed like a lot, but the Oakview community is amazing! Shoes poured in to Mrs. DeMeritt’s science lab. By the end of the week, we had collected 1,257 pairs of shoes to help provide individuals in Kenya both shoes and new wells for fresh water in their communities. Oakview’s families really showed how much they value charity and outreach to those less fortunate! 

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