Posted: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dream Connectors: NEXT Entrepreneurs Inspire 200 Sevier Middle School 7th GradersIn March, nine NEXT CEOs and some of their employees jumped on the bandwagon to spread the word to 200 7th graders from Sevier Middle School. The project, called Dream Connectors, consisted of two main events for the volunteers.

The first event was a half-day visit to the school to present to all the 7th grade classes on the different jobs available when working for a NEXT member company—being an entrepreneur, a marketing manager, and a programmer. The second event included all 200 7th graders touring the NEXT Innovation Center and getting a ‘show and tell’ from some of the companies.

As one of the volunteers expressed his thoughts on being involved in this project, Jon-Michial Carter, CEO of Chartspan, “ChartSpan's involvement in Dream Connectors represents our commitment to youth career education and awareness. At ChartSpan, we believe the connection between a child and an accomplished professional can be a transformative event in that youth's life. It's a privilege to be involved in the Dream Connector program."

Source: Greenville Chamber of Commerce

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