Posted: Friday, February 21, 2014

Berea Middle School was host to Discovery Education science experts as they brought biology concepts to life through an interactive science lesson that was streamed live across the nation.

Students had a great experience engaging in hands-on activities to better understand a lesson on the composition of plant and animal cells, the functions of their organelles, and the way they specialize into tissues, organs and organ systems.

Eighth grade science teacher Keri Mills said, “I’ve always used technology in the classroom and have greatly increased the use of technology through Discovery Education videos. My students love technology and they love opportunities for hands-on activities, so this is ideal for them.”

Discovery Education streamed the lesson to teach how cells are differentiated and to understand what plant and animal cells look like. They also introduced teachers to ways to help students see things visually and kinesthetically with hands-on activities and digital resources.

Rob Warren, Director of Partnerships for Discovery Education, praised Greenville County Schools for its efforts to integrate technology into classrooms. Discovery Education actively participates in the district’s annual Upstate Technology Conference that offers professional development for teachers using digital resources.

Berea Middle School currently uses both Discovery Education Science Techbook and Discovery Education Streaming, a library of 200,000 digital assets aligned to state academic and testing standards, to create authentic learning environments that build the critical thinking skills.

Teacher as smartboard with two students looking on Photo of all students in classroom Scientist talking with student Scientist with two volunteer students Scientist assisted by volunteer student Scientist assisted by two volunteer students

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