Posted: Monday, November 4, 2013

elementary student holding a mask over his faceHigh school female with elementary student with maskStudents in Enoree and Donaldson Star Academy programs celebrated a Fall-O-Ween Read-A-Long with Northwest Crescent Child Development Center and Greenview Child Development Center four-year-olds. Donaldson and Enoree Career CDC specialists shared their knowledge of fairy tale genres, while Star students dressed up as their favorite fairy tale character. They filed into the child-development classrooms where they were met with wide-eyed stares from little children everywhere.

Star students shared many favorite childhood Halloween stories. They created masks for the children to decorate. The best part was seeing proud Star students sitting on the floor, fitting into little chairs, or kneeling beside a child to help create a masterpiece.

The visit ended with candy bags and waves of good bye to new friends.

High school student with male student

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