Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lady writing on a large chart outside on a tablegroup of students standing outside school busThe Choice Bus, a learning tool designed to help high school students understand the importance of education, recently visited Southside High Academy.  Students had the opportunity to view a reality-based experience involving the consequences of choosing to drop out of school. The bus contained a full-scale replica of a prison cell which was hidden behind a curtain and video monitor.

When students entered the bus, they were shown a short video clip of earning potential for students that dropout versus a high-school and/or a college graduate. The video clip included powerful testimonials from prison inmates.

After the video and short/question answer segment, the cell was revealed. It demonstrated the unmistakable reality experienced by many dropouts who choose to make poor decisions. Students were allowed to examine the prison cell to briefly experience the uncomfortable living conditions.

As they exited the bus, they received a pledge card and were asked to sign a banner making a commitment to finish school and make good choices.

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