Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

Luis Munoz, Robert E. Cashion Head Custodian, Named Environmental Educator of the YearLuis Munoz, Robert E. Cashion Elementary head custodian, found it hard to believe students and staff members were throwing away so much potentially recyclable or reusable materials, particularly paper. “Paper is great stuff,” he said. “I often find paper in the trash without even one single word written on it.”

In response, Munoz began a program called Project Eco-stodian, a school-wide recycling program that encourages children to reduce the amount of waste generated at school and to reuse the materials to make toys and educational tools.  Munoz, who has served REC for two years, believes a school recycling program must become a learning tool where recycling can be integrated into all subject areas.  He has even taught classes at Robert E. Cashion on how to make toy cars and other items from recycled materials.

Project Eco-Stodian earned Munoz the Environmental Educator of the Year award from the Environmental Education Association of South Carolina. Munoz said he brought the South Carolina flag made out of milk cartons to use it as decoration at the awards ceremony, “…but people liked it so much, I donated it for auction and it sold for $35!”

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