Posted: Monday, November 21, 2011
ESOL Coordinator Eve Diaz Holliday recognized by Carolina TESOL with Distriguished Service Award
ESOL Coordinator Eve Diaz Holliday recognized by Carolina TESOL with Distinguished Service Award

Eve Diaz Holliday, coordinator of the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program for Greenville County Schools, has received the Carolina Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (Carolina TESOL) Distinguished Service Award. This award was presented at the organization’s annual conference in Asheville, North Carolina for her years of dedicated leadership and service to students and families who speak languages other than English.  Greenville County Schools, the largest school district in South Carolina, serves about 7,000 English Language Learners (ELLs). Approximately one fifth of the State’s ELLs attend Greenville County Schools.

Mrs. Holliday has served the ESOL program for 14 years and has seen the program grow from just under 500 in the mid-1990s to its present enrollment. Although students represent over 70 countries - most recently, Finland - and almost as many languages and dialects, the number of ELL students born in the US increases yearly.

As a former ELL herself, she brings both professional expertise and personal experience to her position.

Quotes from teachers and support staff:

Eve Diaz Holliday has built Greenville County School’s ESOL program into what it is today. Students have gained so much by what she has established over the years. Teachers feel supported and are driven to do their personal best. - Kerry Culpepper, Brushy Creek ESOL Teacher

She cares passionately for each student in the program. She is always ready to lend an understanding, compassionate ear and hand out helpful advice. - Doylene Williams , Armstrong Elementary ESOL Teacher

Many of the strategies, procedures, forms, and ideas she has created have been used in other districts across the state. - Rosana Buzzo, ESOL Program Secretary

She tirelessly advocates for the needs of our students, teachers and assistants at the local, state, and national levels. - Lorrie Covington, Berea Elementary ESOL Teacher

Through her determination, work ethic, resilience, and enthusiasm, Mrs. Holliday ensures that every ESOL student’s needs are met. - Kelli C. Wright, Grove Elementary ESOL Teacher

Her management style toward her department has fostered teachers' willingness to go above and beyond normal duties. - Lori Elsner, Gateway Elementary ESOL Teacher

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