Submit a Note to the Attendance Clerk:

*Original medical notes must be submitted in person in order for an absence to be marked medically excused.*

Attendance and Tardies:

The school year consists of 180 school days.  To receive credit, high school students taking courses for graduation credit must attend at least 85 days of each 90-day semester course and at least 170 days of each 180-day per year course, as well as meet all minimum requirements for each course.

In order to receive high school credit after the 10th unlawful absence, “seat time recovery” is required for every subsequent absence that is unlawful.  (Note: the 10 day absence limit applies to each 180-day course and should be considered 5 days for each 90-day course.).  A student must attend the majority of a class session during a school day to receive credit for that class.

Any student that enters the building after the tardy bell has rung must report to the main office to obtain a pass to class. Consequences for excessive tardies are listed in the student handbook. 

Early dismissals from Golden Strip Career Center

All early dismissals must be received:

  1. Submitted through the link above.
  2. Handwritten note brought in by student  to the attendance office within the first ten minutes of arriving at school.
  3. Email from a parent/guardian email to the attendance clerk at:
  4. In person in the attendance office by a parent/guardian listed on the student’s power school account; ID must be shown at the time of pick-up of student

All handwritten and emailed requests must be verified by a verbal confirmation via phone

Returning from an Absence

It is the student’s responsibility to present a parent or doctor’s note explaining the absence to the attendance clerk. The attendance clerk will determine if the absence counts as excused or unexcused. According to School District Policy, a student has two days to bring an excuse. If you fail to turn in the excuse, the absence will be regarded as an unexcused absence. The excuse will be filed in the student’s attendance folder. We do not accept medical excuses that do not provide specific, finite dates for excusal.

If dismissals are for a doctor’s appointment, an official doctor’s note must be returned in order for an absence to be classified as medical.

When any type of note is taken the student’s home high school attendance office, the student must also inform the attendance clerk at Golden Strip Career Center in order for the absence to be excused from Golden Strip.