Greenville County Schools Grading

Greenville County Schools complies with the State Board of Education policy regarding a statewide Uniform Grading Scale. Standards based report cards are issued for PreK-First Grade Students.

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Student progress in PreK is reported for South Carolina Early Standards as Follows:

Progress Areas

Progress Measure

  • Personal and social growth
  • Approaches to learning
  • Physical development and health
  • Language arts and literacy
  • Mathematics


+ Exceeds Standard

= Meet Standard

# Making Sufficient Progress

- Not Yet Making Progress

Blank- Not Taught or Assessed

Kindergarten and First Grade

Student progress in kindergarten and first grade is reported for South Carolina Academic Standards as follows:

Academic Skills Indicators:

Progress Areas

Progress Measure


Writing and Language




Social Studies

M = The student consistently meets or exceeds end-of year expectations for this standard

P = The student shows expected growth/progress in meeting this end-of-year standard

B = The student is beginning to progress toward meeting this end-of-year standard

N = The student needs intensive support at school and home to develop this end-of-year standard

If left blank, this standard was not addressed or assessed during this reporting period

Successful Learner Characteristics:

Progress Areas

Progress Measure

  • Interacts positively with adults and peers
  • Shows initiative and eagerness to learn
  • Participates and works well in a variety of settings (whole class, small group, independently)
  • Demonstrates organizational skills
  • Sustains attention in a variety of settings
  • Demonstrates perseverance in various tasks/situations
  • Follows multiple-step directions

4 = The student consistently demonstrates the characteristic

3 = The student demonstrates the characteristic most of the time

2 = The student demonstrates the characteristic some of the time

1 = The characteristic is not yet evident

Related Arts Indicators

Progress Areas

Progress Measure

  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education

M = Meets related arts standards

P = Making progress towards related arts standards

2nd - 12th Grade

The following grade scale will be applied to students in grades 2-12.

  • 100-90 A
  • 89-80 B
  • 79-70 C
  • 69-60 D
  • 59-50 F

For Carnegie Unit courses, please refer to the state Uniform Grading Policy (UGP) for quality points and state regulations guiding credit-bearing courses. Please note that the South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy is currently under revision.