General Instructional Materials

Students are not required to use instructional materials that offend them or their parents. If a parent objects to instructional materials, a request for an alternative assignment should be completed and returned to the teacher. The parent should also specify if he or she does not desire the child to be in the classroom during discussion of the regular assignment.

Efforts are made to keep parents informed of the instructional materials that are used. For example, middle and high schools provide students and parents with lists of books to be studied in depth. For further information, refer to policy IFA in the school system Policy Manual.

Sexuality Education Materials

Image of a high school female student

Students may be excluded from the sexuality education component of the Health Education Program if the curriculum conflicts with the family's beliefs. Prior to instruction, schools mail parents information regarding the opportunity to preview all sexuality education instructional materials, and the parent's right to exempt his/her child from any portion or the entire unit. Excused students study other health education topics. Requests to excuse students must be submitted in writing to the principal.