Transportation Rules

School BusThe School District of Greenville County must ensure that the bus ride to and from school is a safe one. All bus riders are required to follow bus safety rules at all times. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary sanctions, possibly including exclusion from the bus. Usual school disciplinary sanctions, such as suspension and expulsion, may also be imposed.

Each bus rider is expected to:

Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken for incidents which involve severe offenses, such as: fighting, possession of weapons, drugs or alcohol, use of tobacco products, any action which endangers the safety of the driver and other students, or damage to the bus. Such action could involve a longer suspension from the bus or other sanction.

Each year, bus transportation is provided for approximately 25,300 youngsters. School buses travel approximately five million miles each year, making the school system the state’s largest transporter of school children.

The bus supervisor and transportation officials have the authority to remove a student from the bus if the student becomes uncontrollable while on the bus. The student may not board the bus again until granted permission by the principal.

Buses are equipped with video surveillance equipment that is used to view student and employee conduct by transportation management staff, principals or their designee, and other appropriate district staff.

If a student damages a school bus, the student will be charged the assessed repair rate set by the State Department of Education. The student responsible for the damage will be suspended from riding the bus until restitution is made. Total restitution must be made or the bus privilege will be lost. Appropriate action for special needs students who violate bus rules will be taken by the principal and may involve other intervention as indicated by the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) Committee or as required by law.

Students and parents should not attempt to discuss bus rule violations or suspension matters with the bus driver at a bus stop. Students who attempt to board the bus while suspended or adults who attempt to board or interfere with the operation of the bus, may be prosecuted under applicable South Carolina law.

The School District of Greenville County must safely transport all bus riders to and from school. Bus riders will be denied the privilege of riding the bus if their behavior is unacceptable or infringes on the rights of other bus riders. It will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian to see that the student is transported to school during this time.

School administrators review and respond to school bus discipline referrals. This brief summary provides an overview of school bus discipline guidelines. A complete copy of these guidelines can be found on the Transportation Department Page.

School Bus Transportation Information