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Please locate the appropriate district-level contact by specialty area.

504 Diane White 864-452-0067
Alternate Assessment Diane White 864-452-0067
Assistant Superintendent
Special Education Programs
Traci Hogan 864-355-3395
Assistive Technology Laura Maganini 864-452-0027
A-Team Jason Mullis 864-452-0042
Audiology Courtney A. Russo 864-452-0066
Behavior Support Scott Drew 864-452-0048
Behavior Support Angila Kirkessner 864-452-0096
Behavior Support Audrey Tucholski 864-452-0083
Behavior Support Sam Aughtry 864-452-0132
Behavior Support Hanna Williams 864-452-0094
Charter Schools - Compliance Teshia Hair 864-452-0003
Child Find Erica Urban 864-452-0155
Compliance Teshia Hair 864-452-0003
Crisis Prevention Intervention
(Staff Training) 
Scott Drew 864-452-0048
Deaf-Blind Programming Teshia Hair 864-452-0003
Director of Monitoring, Compliance
& Accountability
Teshia Hair 864-452-0003
Director of Psychological Services Jason Mullis 864-452-0042
Director of Elementary Education Program Supports Angie Phillips 864-452-0006
Director of Secondary Special Education Program Supports Tracy Burns 864-452-0097
Director of Speech Services Peggy Neel 864-452-0033
District 504 Coordinator Diane White 864-452-0067
Evaluations Jason Mullis 864-452-0042
Inactive Records (Special Education) 864-452-0040
Local Procedures Teshia Hair 864-452-0003
Occupational Therapy Heather Lewis 864-452-0023
Physical Therapy Jenna Bates 864-452-0127
PreK Compliance &
Monitoring Coordinator
Erica Urban 864-452-0155
Preschool Special Education Programs Erica Urban 864-452-0155
Preschool Speech Services Spears Mercer 864-452-0062
Private Speech Therapy Alison Maloy 864-452-0032 
Sign Language Interpreting Services Michelle Butler 864-355-4786
Speech Evaluations Alison Maloy 864-452-0032
State Reporting & Accountability Teshia Hair 864-452-0003
Technology Facilitator Laura Stanton 864-452-0052
Transition Tracy Burns 864-452-0006
Transliteration Peggy Neel 864-452-0151
Transportation Concerns
(Special Education)
Gaia Phillips 864-452-0151