Dress Code

badge: t-shirt with star

Greenville County School District students are expected to dress and be groomed in such a way as to not distract or cause disruption in the educational program or orderly operation of the school. Personal appearance of students should promote health and safety, contribute to a climate conducive to teaching and learning, and project a positive image of the District to the community. Students should dress for the educational setting and not the recreational one.

The administration will make the final judgment on the appropriateness of clothing and/or appearance and reserves the right to prohibit students from wearing any articles of clothing or other items which lead to or may foreseeably result in the disruption of or interference with the school environment. In the event the administration will either require the student to change or will inform the student not to wear the garment to school again. Repeated violations of the dress code will be treated as refusal to obey in violation of the District’s Behavior Code.

Student Face Mask Compliance Expectations and Handling Guidelines**

All students must wear a mask when unable to socially distance while at school, during school-sponsored programs, or when under the control and care of the School District unless a student has a disability that would prevent the wearing of a mask or a student in K3, K4, K5 or 1st grade who is unable to wear a mask as a result of that child’s age. Students may also submit medical documentation to the school’s administration, and any medical exemption will be considered on an individual basis based upon that medical documentation. Any student who communicates an absolute refusal to wear a mask and is not willing to comply with the requirement will be assigned to the District’s virtual program.

Schools should work with students who inadvertently fail to wear a mask to teach them of the importance of wearing a mask and to remind those students of the requirement for masks to be worn around others. If a student demonstrates a pattern or continual failure of wearing a mask then the following process should be followed: