Personal Electronic Devices

Updated July, 2023

Mobile Devices

Cell phones and Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) are allowed at Mauldin Middle School before dismissal from morning holding and after 3:15 PM. Student cell phones/PED must be turned off during the school day and stored in backpacks. Turned “on” includes a device that is activated and set or programmed to ring, vibrate or otherwise send or receive a signal.

Students may not record video or take pictures of other students at any time.

Earbuds/headphones are not to be worn in the hallways or classrooms during the school day.

Students should not use smart watches to text during the school day.

Personal speakers that play audio aloud are deemed inappropriate materials and will be disciplined as such.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action. Per district policy, phone/electronic device violations will be handled according to the discipline guidelines in the discipline matrix for Level I offenses. If a student refuses to put away his/her device, it will be considered failure to follow policy, and they will receive the consequences for that behavior (Level II offense).

Parents: Please refrain from texting your child during school hours as this interrupts the education process and puts them in a position to violate school rules.