ID Badges

ID Badge

ID Badge Policy

All students and staff are required to wear an ID badge throughout the school day. The student's name and photo should be visible, and the ID should be worn around their neck and outside of their clothing. Students are required to wear a grade appropriate lanyard with their ID. Students will be given their initial IDs and lanyards at the beginning of the school year. Students should make every effort to keep up with their ID badge and are expected to wear it every day. 

ID badges are required per Greenville County School District policy. Student IDs should only be worn on school-issued lanyards.

Lost, stolen, or defaced ID badges may be replaced for $5.00.

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If you come to school without an ID...

A student who arrives at school without their ID may go to the Media Center before 8:45 AM and purchase a new ID for $5.00 with no penalty. New badges will not be printed after 8:45 AM, and students may not "charge their account" for a new ID badge.

If the student cannot pay for the ID that day, the student will be issued a temporary ID (yellow sticker) in the Main Lobby. This temporary ID must be worn and visible for the duration of the school day. It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with their temporary ID during the day. If a student loses their sticker, they will be sent to receive a new one.

Each quarter, a student will be given 4 temporary ID’s without penalty. Upon receiving their 5th temporary ID, the student will serve a half day of In School Suspension (ISS). Upon the receipt of their 10th temporary ID, the student will be assigned 1 full day of ISS. Record of temporary ID’s will be reset at the start of each quarter.