School Improvement Council

The goal of our School Improvement Council is to facilitate home, school and community partnerships. These efforts are directly intended to increase student achievement and strengthen our parents' capacity to improve their children's learning.

Elected Members:
Mrs. Meredith Conroy, parent
Mrs. Mary Sims Costigan, teacher
Mrs. Tricia Craddock, parent
Mr. Bart Cumalander, parent (Chair)
Mrs. Casi Esqueda, teacher
Mrs. Janet Foster-Whitley, parent
Mrs. Katie Kratky, parent
Mrs. Sandra Miller, parent
Mrs. Ashley Powell, parent

Appointed Members:
Mr. Eddie Collins, community member
Mrs. Kayla Lee-Kelly, community member
Mrs. Betsy Shouse, community member
Mrs. Kim Troyer, community member

Ex-officio Members:
Dr. Melissa Burns, principal

South Carolina SIC Mission Statement: SC-SIC exists to advise, train, and promote parents, teachers, students, and community members for active, knowledgeable membership in School Improvement Councils for the fulfillment of their Council's role and responsibilities.