About Our School...

Sara Collins Elementary SchoolSara Collins Elementary School is an urban school located in Greenville, South Carolina.  With its school motto, "Our students are our world," it provides quality education to students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  The school has a long-standing tradition of excellence and volunteerism.  The students, staff, and parents have been recognized for their achievements and accomplishments on local, state, and national levels. Awards, honors, and an information summary may be found in the Sara Collins Profile. More detailed information is available in the annual Sara Collins School Portfolio.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Sara Collins Elementary School is to educate children to become knowledgeable responsible citizens in a global society by providing a meaningful curriculum that integrates community and technological resources.

Our Vision...

At Sara Collins Elementary School we share a common vision for all students. 
Our goal as members of this learning community is to ensure that: