Sara Collins Elementary Academics

Curriculum and Instruction:

Core Curriculum

Sara Collins provides a curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of all students.  South Carolina State Standards in Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, Art, Music, and Physical Education are taken into consideration as teachers plan units and lessons for their students.

Literacy Instruction 

The goal of the language arts program in Greenville County Schools is to develop within students the necessary language skills that will allow them to pursue their life’s goals and become productive members of society. A balanced approach to literacy instruction helps meet the needs of all students. Over the years, teachers and researchers have learned that there is not one basic approach that builds a proficient reader and communicator. It is the combination or balance within the instructional model that creates success in our classrooms. The balanced literacy model includes instruction in phonics, reading comprehension of a variety of texts, interpretation of literature, writing, speaking, and reading fluency. Our school uses a workshop approach to reading and writing instruction.