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CogAT and Iowa Testing - 2nd Grade

Students in second grade will be administered the CogAT and Iowa assessments as part of South Carolina’s Grade 2 Gifted and Talented Assessment Program. SC State Board Regulation 43-220 requires districts to test all enrolled students (in-person and virtual). Testing is conducted at the student’s enrolled elementary school.

These assessments are used as screeners for qualifying students to participate in our South Carolina Gifted and Talented Program (Challenge). The test results are also used to determine placement in the Charles Townes Center (CTC) at Sterling School for Highly Gifted students. Complete criteria for Challenge and CTC can be found on the Greenville County Schools website: https://sites.google.com/greenvilleschools.us/gifted-talented/gt-criteria. 

Although the primary purpose of these assessments is to identify students for the Gifted and Talented Programs, students’ results can be useful to teachers as they examine their instructional practices and can help them identify teaching strategies for all students.

Testing will take place on the following dates. 

CogAT Verbal Battery - Monday, October 11
CogAT Quantitative Battery - Tuesday, October 12
CogAT Nonverbal Battery - Wednesday, October 13
Iowa Reading & Math - Thursday, October 14

While these tests are untimed, most students will finish CogAT testing in about one hour and Iowa testing in about two hours (breaks will be provided as needed).  Students will complete the CogAT and Iowa assessments on computers. Students must bring their charged, district-issued device each day of testing. Students will also need a pair of wired (non-Bluetooth) headphones or earbuds.  Please ensure your student is on-time each day, and refrain from scheduling any early dismissals or appointments on test days.

If you have questions regarding the CogAT/Iowa testing program, please contact Cheryl Elliott at 355-3212 or caelliot@greenville.k12.sc.us.  If you have questions about the Gifted and Talented Program and/or CTC, please contact Jane Snyder at 355-4821 or at jsnyder@greenville.k12.sc.us. 

1st Grade MAP Testing

Proviso 1.96, passed by the SC Legislature in June 2021, requires that school districts in South Carolina administer a reading and math test three times a year (fall, winter, and spring). 1st grade students will be scheduled to participate in MAP Growth testing in reading and math in September, December, and March. Assessment results help guide teachers’ reading and math instruction by better understanding what students know and are able to do, where students need support, and what students are ready to learn next. 

1st grade students will take the reading test on Tuesday, September 14 at 8:00 am and the math test on Tuesday, September 21 at 8:00 am.  Due to the uncertainty of and impact surrounding COVID-19 affecting schools’ schedules, all dates are subject to change.

Students should bring their assigned Chromebook (charged) to each testing session. During test sessions, students may not be in possession of or use any electronic devices (e.g., cell phones, smart watches) other than the device used for testing. 

If you have questions, please contact Cheryl Elliott at 864-355-3212 or caelliot@greenville.k12.sc.us.

Substitute Teaching

Are you interested in substitute teaching?  If so, check out this flier for an excellent opportunity.

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An Interview with Eddie Collins, Son of our Namesake, Mrs. Sara Collins

We are proud to be named for Mrs. Sara Collins, an exemplary volunteer and PTA mom! Enjoy this interview with her son, Mr. Eddie Collins.  

Medications at School

Important information regarding medication administration at school

School Visitor and Volunteer Guidelines

Greenville County Schools (GCS), in an effort to ensure the safety of all of our students, is implementing additional security checks for school volunteers. Effective immediately, all volunteers must submit an application to the school and receive clearance from the district before interacting with children in the school or chaperoning any school field trip. Volunteers are now identified by two different categories: Level I or Level II. Please click here to review the details and find applications on the GCS website.

Learn English Online for Free! Aprende Ingl├ęs online, gratis !

A new program available to parents who would like to learn English and become more involved in their child’s academic achievement. The program is free to parents and is on a first come first served basis. Rosetta Stone® Community Solution for K-12 is a program available to the parents of our English Language Learners. This program provides the parents of our English Language Learners an opportunity to learn and develop their English Language skills. It enables parents to increase their engagement in their child’s school and contribute to improving their child’s educational achievement. The online lessons from Rosetta Stone® Community Solution for K-12 allow parents to use this program at home, work, on their phone, or anywhere they have access to the internet.

If you would like to have access to this program, please contact your child’s ESOL teacher. The ESOL teacher will be able to provide you with a code to access the program and share general log-in instructions. Click for more information.