The Amazing Shake 2018 -19

Congratulations to ALL and two our Finalists, Albrecht and Sara.
CONGRATULATIONS, SARA!!! You earned the title of the Winner of Sara Collins' Amazing Shake 2019!

The Amazing Shake is a competition that gives our 5th grade students the opportunity to demonstrate manners, self-discipline, respect, and professional conduct. The event is modeled after one held annually at The Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. We were so impressed with the Ron Clark Academy's students’ professional and conversational skills, we chose to give our students a similar opportunity.

Throughout the year, all students are instructed on and practice a proper handshake, table manners, conversation and interview skills, and how to remain composed under pressure. All 5th graders participate in Round 1. Rounds 2, 3, and 4 of the competition became more selective and more challenging. 

The competition includes:

Round 1 “MEET & GREET”: All 5th graders meet and greet professionals from our community. Students spend about 1 minute with each person. The professionals score each student on his/her handshake and interaction.
Round 2 "THINK ON YOUR FEET". The Top 20 complete 8 surprise scenarios, each about 3 min. long. Students are scored on their interaction and how well they respond to the scenario.
Round 3 "HIT THE STREET AND EAT". The Top 10 students go on an all-day field trip downtown Greenville. They meet leaders in business, culture, and government, eat at a restaurant, and interview senior citizens.
Round 4 "THE FINAL FEAT". Two Finalists, with help from the other eight members of the Top 10, complete a leadership challenge at school.

The Amazing Shake 2017-18

CONGRATULATIONS, SYDNEY!!! You earned the title of the Winner of Sara Collins' Amazing Shake 2018!