Oakview Elementary School

Oakview at a Glance

Oakview Elementary, located in the fastest growing area of Greenville County, the Golden Strip, opened its doors in August 1995. Oakview was named for the 300 year old oak tree that stands at the front of the school. Two sisters, Margaret and Charlotte Greene, submitted the name that was chosen in a “Name the School” contest. The tree represents strength, growth and a strong foundation, just as Oakview Elementary helps students to grow and develop a strong academic foundation.

Students at Oakview come to us from 14 different countries around the world. They also come with various languages spoken in the home - 19 languages other than English are represented by our culturally diverse students.


The mission of Oakview Elementary School, in cooperation with the home and the community, is to prepare students for responsible citizenship, lifelong learning, and productive employment by:

Opening opportunities for all students,
Accepting individual differences,
Keeping a smile on our faces,
Varying teaching techniques,
Identifying and addressing strengths/weaknesses, and
Engaging students in meaningful learning activities while
Working as a team.

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