Health Room 

A Few Important Notes from the Health Room:

Please call Nurse Natalie Gault, RN at 864-355-7107 or Nurse Amy Demas, RN at 864-355-7298 with any questions or concerns.

Medical Forms 

Health Room Guidelines

Emergency Information and Contacting Parents 

At the beginning of the school year your child will be given a Student Emergency Information Form to be completed by a parent for each child. Please print all information clearly. Please list all emergency contact information so that you may be contacted in the event of a sudden illness or accident. If your child comes to the Health Room and needs to go home, we must contact a parent or legal guardian. We cannot send a student home with anyone until a parent has been notified. This is why it is so very important that we have current information about how to contact you at all times. If your child has an emergency situation or needs immediate care that cannot be provided at school, those contacts you list on the Health Card will be called IF we cannot reach a parent first. If at anytime ANY of this information should change please notify your school nurse. It is also important that any medical conditions your child may have be listed on the form.


ALL MEDICATION must be brought to school by a legal guardian or designated person over 18 years of age and given directly to the school nurse or designated school personnel. The health room does not supply any medications for students. Medication brought to the health room by a student will not be given to the student. The medication will be held until a parent provides the appropriate authorization form or until the parent picks up the medication.

ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION must have written parental and physician authorization before medication can be administered at school. Authorization for Prescription Medication must be completed.

OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS may be provided by the parent if it is in the original container, clearly labeled
with the student’s name and is accompanied by written parental permission. Authorization for Non-Prescription medication must be completed.

ALL MEDICATION MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER. Prescription Medication must have pharmacy label. This includes inhalers and epipens.

Children with a condition or allergy that could lead to possible ANAPHYLAXIS should use the Anaphylaxis Medication Authorization Form, to be filled out & signed by Physician and parent. Please provide Epipen and Benadryl to the health room in the event of symptoms of allergy or anaphylaxis.

Parents are responsible for knowing the expiration date of any medication brought to school and replacing medication before the expiration date. School Nurses will not administer any medication passed the expiration date.
No medication containing ASPIRIN can be given at school without a doctor’s authorization. This includes but is not limited to Pepto Bismol, Excedrin, and some OTC cold medications.

According to GCS Policy, the FIRST DOSE of ANY Medication - Prescription or Non-Prescription - will be given at home so that the student can be monitored for adverse reactions.

If your child forgets to take a morning dose of medication, school nurses are not allowed to give that dose at school.  Parents may come to the Health Room to give the missed dose.

Emergency Medication, Inhalers, Epipens, Diastat, and scheduled daily medication will be sent on school designated field trips with your child. Your child’s teacher will be trained by the school nurse on proper administration of that medication.  If the field trip extends beyond the normal school hours, all medication will be sent by the parent for that field trip.

All forms can be found at, the Oakview website under the health room tab, or may be picked up from the health room.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 355-7107 or 355-7298. Have a safe and healthy year!