J. L. Mann students are expected to dress and be groomed in such a way as to not distract or cause disruption in the educational program or orderly operation of the school.  Personal appearance of students should promote health and safety, contribute to a climate conducive to teaching and learning and project a positive image of the school to the community. The administration may make additions or changes to these standards. Students who do not meet the dress code will not be allowed to go to class.  If any apparel is considered indecent or in any way unacceptable by the staff or administration, the student may be required to go home and change or remain in the In-School Suspension Room. 

Proper shoes must be worn at all times.

Clothing and/or hair should not be so extreme or inappropriate to the school setting as to disrupt the education process.  Therefore, clothing deemed distracting, revealing, overly suggestive or otherwise disruptive will not be permitted.

Wearing accessories or clothing that could pose a safety threat to oneself or others is not allowed.

Hats, head coverings, and sunglasses may not be worn in the building.

Attire must not evidence membership or affiliation with a “gang” in any negative sense of the term.

Attire must not be immodest, obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, indecent or offensive.

Clothing that inappropriately exposes body parts is not permitted. 

Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than four inches above the top of the knee; leggings do not count as coverage for a short skirt. 

Shirts must have sleeves.

Leggings, tights and other types of hosiery must be accompanied by an outer garment that reaches the mid-thigh.

Pants may not have any holes above the knees.

Pajamas are not appropriate for classes and may not be worn.

Undergarments should not be seen at any time, including bra straps and boxer shorts.

No see-through or mesh garments may be worn.

Pants must be worn at the natural waistline.

Pants and slacks must not bag, sag, or drag.

No clothing, jewelry, or tattoos are permitted that display profanity, suggestive phrases, or advertisements for, or messages or pictures depicting or suggesting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or sex.