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Service Hours and COVID

Due to the impact of COVID, please know that the expectations around service hours will be flexible, particularly for seniors. We are willing to work with any 2020-2021 senior regarding distinction requirements that are a problem to complete this year. This flexibility applies only to seniors; underclassmen will be expected to continue completing requirements next year. 

Please know that students in NewTech@Mann are obligated to complete 40 service hours to graduate with NewTech@Mann distinction. If a typical senior spends four years in NewTech@Mann, they would be expected to show evidence of 40 service hours by graduation in order to qualify for distinction. These 40 hours can be done in any distribution of hours over years, so long as the expectation of 40 hours can be satisfied by graduation; the recommended 10 hours per year is only a suggestion. 

You can obtain the service hour log via the link below:

Service Hour Log