About NewTech@Mann

NewTech@Mann is a “school within a school” on the campus of J. L. Mann High School that offers students project-based learning, student-led culture, and one-on-one technology. NewTech@Mann opened in August of 2014 and will adds 150 students each year.

Many core content areas are taught as combined classes at NewTech@Mann in order to support cross-disciplinary learning. For example, in the freshman year a student can expect to take English 1 with World Geography or English 2 with World History. In addition to the core content areas of English, mathematics, science and social studies, NewTech@Mann offers support courses which provide training for the technological skills students will need both for their projects and their future. In addition, New Tech students will be able to take AP courses and college level Dual Course Credit courses their junior and senior years.

Project-based learning (PBL), student-led culture, and one-on-one technology make NewTech@Mann very different from the traditional learning model. For more information, please read this helpful full brochure or this shortened one-page brochure.

About New Tech Network

The New Tech Network has over 200 schools in 23 states and Australia, including twelve schools in South Carolina. Greenville County Schools has three New Tech schools — NewTech@Mann, Carolina High School, and Greenville Early College. New Tech schools have a 97 percent graduation rate and 98 percent of their students are accepted into two- and four-year colleges.

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