Hollis Academy PBIS Incentive Program

Student Incentives

Bone cards are cumulative. All staff members are asked to give bones to students throughout the day when you see them being responsible, respectful, and ready in the areas listed on the matrix.  Bones will be displayed in the classroom using a doghouse pocket chart until the student trades them in for prizes.

Class Incentives: Hollis Grrrowl

When an entire class is caught being responsible, respectful or ready, the class can be given a Husky Grrrowl. Members of the Administration and Support Staff may issue an unlimited number of Husky Grrrowls based on the standards currently listed on the matrix.

After the teacher shares news of the Husky Grrrowl with the class, it should be displayed inside the classroom until the class collects five. Once five Husky Grrrowls are collected, staple them together and place them inside the PBIS mailbox. We will then add a Husky to the class sled displayed outside the entrance to the cafeteria. One Husky will be added to the class sled for every five Huskies that are accumulated.