Greenville County Schools
Code of Conduct on School Buses


     In order to insure the safety of all students riding buses in Greenville County Schools, appropriate behavior is required for all students. Transportation to and from school is an extension of the classroom and should be considered part of the school day. The issue of safety requires students to be on their best behavior while on school buses or vehicles. Violations of school bus rules will be addressed in the manner listed below, with the exception of violations relating to the tagging program used in elementary schools. The guidelines for that function are listed separately at the end of this document.

Video Camera Systems

     All buses may be equipped with video surveillance equipment. This equipment is used to view student/driver behavioral issues by the transportation staff and principal/
principal designee and other appropriate staff.

     Driver and school administrators will generally observe the following steps when the driver submits a School Bus Disciplinary Report (form 130-07). However, if a student engages in severe misconduct as a first offense, the school administration is authorized to modify the disciplinary consequences, as appropriate. Depending upon the student’s conduct, the school administration is authorized to skip the steps below and impose more severe disciplinary consequences, if circumstances warrant.

     The School District Behavior Code is in effect for all students at all times when being transported on school buses to and from school or school activities. Thus, while students may lose the privilege to ride the bus due to their misconduct, the student may also be disciplined according to the District’s Behavior Code, up to and including suspension, recommendation for expulsion and notification to law enforcement.

Level I Offenses - Disorderly Conduct

*The school administration may classify a Level I offense as a Level II offense if the
infraction seriously jeopardizes the health and/or safety of others.

Level I Consequences

• Additional Level 1 referrals will result in administrative review and may be
accelerated to a Level II offense

Level II Offenses

*The school administration may classify a Level II offense as a Level III offense if the
infraction seriously jeopardizes the health and/or safety of others.

Level II Consequences

Level III Offenses

Level III Consequences

Discipline of Disabled Students:

Students with disabilities will be discipline in accordance with federal state law including the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, as set forth in the procedures developed by the administration.

General Procedures for Transporting 4K, 5K, and 1st Grade Students

School Responsibilities:

     Schools are responsible for ensuring that all student transportation information is transmitted to their respective center in a timely manner during the school year. Schools are required to maintain accurate student information in PowerSchool to include accurate student addresses and correct arrival and departure codes. All bus requests will be submitted to the transportation center by July 31st prior to the beginning of school. Student information submitted after this time may not allow sufficient time to process information and assign the student to a bus prior to the opening of school.

     All K4, K5 and 1st grade students will receive a numbered ID tag from the school prior to boarding the bus in the afternoon. The tag must be visible to the driver. As the student departs the bus in the afternoon, the driver will collect the student’s identification tag. The driver will retain the tag and deliver all tags to the school the following morning. The school will distribute the tags to the respective teacher or staff member so the tags can be put on the student before afternoon bus dismissal.

Driver Responsibilities:

     Drivers are responsible for ensuring that 4K, 5K and 1st grade students are not allowed to depart the bus, whether alone or in a group, if a parent/guardian/designee, with a numbered card, is not present at the stop. Drivers are responsible for returning these students to the elementary school. The driver will immediately contact his/her respective bus center and alert them to the fact that a student is being returned to school. The center staff will immediately notify the school so that school staff can be present to meet the bus.

     Drivers are responsible for turning in a “School Bus Disciplinary Report” each time a student is returned to the elementary school.  Drivers are responsible for assigning all 4K students to seats at the front of the bus. Under normal circumstances siblings will be assigned to the same seat.

     The transportation department will provide the driver with a list of students at each stop. If the driver has any doubt about whether the student is at the right stop or not, the driver should immediately notify their center for instructions.

Parent Responsibilities:

     The parent/guardian is responsible for properly registering their student(s) at the designated school and ensuring that all information provided on required forms is accurate and current. The parent/guardian is responsible for updating this information at the school whenever changes occur.

     The parent/guardian must be present at the regular bus stop both during the morning pickup and afternoon drop-off of their 4K, 5K or 1st grade child. The parent/guardian will be given four (4) numbered cards to distribute to any designee to be at the bus stop in their place. The designee may be another adult or student designee (4th grade or higher).

     A Bus Tag Application is to be furnished by the school, completed and returned by the parent/guardian to the school before the student rides the bus. One person may serve as designee for multiple children. The parent/guardian is ultimately responsible for the safety and conduct of his/her child at the regular school bus stop.

     If a 4K, 5K or first grade student is preparing to depart the bus at their assigned stop, whether alone or in a group, AND the parent/guardian/designee, with the numbered card, is not present at the bus stop, the student will be returned to his/her elementary school. When a student is returned to the elementary school, school staff will contact the parent/ guardian via contact information that has been provided by the parent/guardian. If the parent/guardian cannot be located, the matter could be referred to Greenville County Schools Law Enforcement Division, appropriate local Law Enforcement Agency, and/or the Greenville County Department of Social Services (DSS).

     Incidents of the parent/guardian/designee, with the numbered card, not being at the bus stop for PM drop-off, will result in all transportation services being discontinued according to the following schedule:

     The school administration will implement the above schedule without a bus driver referral and notify appropriate bus center of the effective dates of loss of bus transportation services.

Please note that the above table of incidents and loss of transportation bus privileges is absolute with no discretion on the part of the school administration.