Hollis Academy - Our History

The history of Hollis Academy began with the establishment of the Parker School District by Mr. Laurence Peter Hollis. Mr. Hollis was instrumental as the superintendent of the school district, where he served as Superintendent from 1923-1951. Hollis is proud to be named for Mr. L.P. Hollis and proud to continue his tradition of excellence in education.

L.P. Hollis opened its doors  in 1955. For the first thirty years, the school served both elementary and junior high school students. It was a community school as there were no buses and almost all of the students that attended lived in the local communities. In 1986, Hollis began to serve only elementary school students.

In 1996, Hollis Elementary became a magnet school and the name was changed to Hollis Academy. Hollis Academy is a Select School.  Students attend 180 school days each year.

After 46 years in the old building, the new Hollis Academy opened in 2002. The new Hollis Academy accommodates 1,000 students. There are 43 regular classrooms for kindergarten through fifth grade. The entire school is housed under one roof and includes a music room, an art room, science lab, and multi-purpose room.  The cafeteria seats 370 for meals and 510 for assemblies. A new media center includes all of the latest technology. It has an office/workroom, a media production lab, a conference room that can be divided into two small conference rooms, an audio visual storage room, a faculty workroom, and a computer lab.

Hollis returned to a traditional school calendar in the 2008-2009 school year. In 2011, Hollis opened up a wing for The Washington Center where the had 10+ classrooms. The Washington Center moved their classes back to their main center at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.