Health Room

General Information

     The heath room will be staffed by a full-time nurse. Any child who is not feeling well or has been hurt will be sent to the health room by the teacher. An information sheet is kept on file in the health room for every child. The sheet supplies vital information about whom to all in case of an emergency or special health problems the child may have. It is necessary that you give the school information requested on the health sheet and keep phone numbers up-to-date. 

     The school will follow your directions on the health sheet and enrollment form. If we are unable to reach you and the child needs more than first aid, the school personnel will exercise extreme care and caution if a decision involving the health or safety of your child must be made following an accident or other emergency.

     The heath room nurse will keep a record of the child's visit and will take his/her temperature or perform and minor first-aid necessary, depending upon his/her symptoms. If your child is too ill or uncomfortable to remain in school, the nurse will notify you by telephone to come for him/her. Parents are always contacted if the child has a fever of 100 degrees or more. The health room does not have asprin or any other medication and can not administer any. The parent must sign the child out of the health room. 

Prescription Drugs or Other Medication

     DO NOT send medicine of any kind to school with a child. This is District policy and applies to all medications. An adult must bring all medications to school and give it to the school nurse or office staff (7:30am-3:00pm). Call the school nurse at 864-355-4807 if this is a problem for you. Each medication must have a parent's consent form completed. If given for 10 days or longer, a doctor's authorization form must also be filled out. Forms are located in the nurse's office. 

     All medication must be in the original bottle with the child's name, dosage, and instructions on the label. You may ask your pharmacist to provide an extra prescription bottle. Mo medicine will be sent home with a student. 

     A doctor's authorization form will be required for all inhalers. This incudes over-the-counter, nonprescription, and prescription inhalers. If the doctor wants your child to keep an inhaler with them at all times, this must be put in writing on the doctor's authorization form. Also, a parental permission form must be filled out, signed, and returned to the school nurse.

Health Information


     All students must have a SC Certificate of Immunization from their doctor or the health department before entering school. When a student enters from another school, the permanent record will be checked to make sure all immunizations have been completed. If not, the student will be required to get the necessary immunizations. 

Health of Students

     Good physical health is vital to a child's success in school. You can help your child to be physically healthy. 

  1.  Provide nutritious meals and eliminate "junk" food.
  2.  See that your child gets plenty of sleep by going to bed at a regular time each night.
  3.  Establish a regular routine for bathing and brushing teeth.
  4.  Encourage outdoor play and exercise. Limit the amount of time spent watching TV/ screentime. 
  5. Consult the doctor when your child becomes ill. Good mental health is equally important. You can help your child be mentally healthy.

A green health card is filed in each child's permanent record. Any health problem should be carefully explained by a parent on this card. A white health card is maintained in the school health room and must have up-to-date telephone numbers where parents can be reached at home and at work in case of an emergency. 

Vision and hearing screenings are completed each year by a nurse. If a problem is discovered, parents will be notified.