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Fact MonsterFact Monster

Fact Monster has puzzles, games and quizzes for students to explore.


Fun Brain Funbrain has an arcade of reading, math and playground games to explore.
BrainpopBrain Pop Brainpop has a variety of information and games in all subject areas.
Know it all Knowitall is ETV's educational Web portal, a collection of fun, interactive websites for K-12 students, teachers and parents.
PBS PBS Kids has music, games, color sheets all with your favorite T.V. characters.
tumblebooks TumbleBookLibrary is an online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach young children the joys of reading.
Discuss DISCUS is South Carolina's virtual library with thousands of magazines, newspapers, and reference books available 24/7 through our online resources.
 Clumsy Bouncehouse The Clumsy Kanga Bounce House Safety Video was created by Cossio Insurance Agency as a way to teach children about bounce house safety rules in a fun way. Many accidents could be prevented if children realized that if they do certain things in the bouncer they could get hurt.

Kid-friendly Search

Kid Friendly Search 

Kid Friendly Search Engines The Internet has a world of knowledge but students should use kid friendly search engines. Click on the image of the children to use kid friendly search engines.