Safety Procedures

Visitor Procedures

    All visitors in the building, including parents and school volunteers, must stop by the office first, provide an ID and sign-in so that their presence in the building is known. All visitors must wear a badge identifying them as visitors who have checked in with the office. Any individual who does not display a badge will be asked by a staff member to report to the office.

Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Procedures

While hurricanes are predictable, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms can occur suddenly.  In addition to following appropriate evacuation procedures, school staff must understand the conditions and resources associated with severe weather conditions and safety.  The following precautions and procedures apply to tornado, hurricane, and all other types of severe storms:

            Watch – Conditions are favorable for tornado or severe weather.  Keep staff             updated on situation but take no other action.

            Warning – Tornado has been sighted. 

Fire Drill Procedures

Fire Drills are conducted monthly.  Evacuation routes are posted in each classroom. Each area has a specific escape route during a fire drill evacuation.


     Mrs. Sutton (and/or designees) will give the warning signal to notify all persons of imminent danger. All persons will proceed to their designated Tornado Safe Area and assume the “Duck, Cover, Hold” position. Teachers will close classroom doors. Students in unsafe locations (outside field, walkways, high-ceiling, or glassed areas) during an emergency weather event will go directly to assigned Tornado Safe Areas with the teachers.