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New EpiPen Policy

The Safe Access to Vital Epinephrine (SAVE) Act allows school districts to store supplies of epinephrine auto-injectors for identified school staff to use in emergencies for students with allergic reactions.

Parents and guardians of students with known allergies should continue to provide Epi-pens for their children. These students will continue to have Allergy Action Plans/IHP developed by the school nurse.

Every Greenville County school has a school nurse and at least 10 first responders  who are trained in Epi-pen administration in the case of allergic reactions. Click Here to see Parent Forms

Parent Portal  and E-funds Program

Parents of children attending Greenville County Schools have access to the Parent Portal.  This program helps keep parents better informed about their children’s academic performance, attendance and much more.

Parents must have an access ID and password to obtain their children’s school information. Because this information is sensitive, parents must pick up the access ID and password in person at their child’s school and show proper identification.  The school will not email, mail or provide the information over the phone.

The Parent Portal can be accessed by clicking on the Portal icon (compass) located in the top right-hand corner of the district website.  After creating the account using the given access ID and password, parents will then personalize their username and password.  At this point, parents will have access to their child’s grades, grade history, attendance, teacher comments, and student information.  Parents will also be able to change account preferences such as email address, username and password.

Bus Contacts

The district has established an e-mail account for parents to e-mail the district Transportation Department with questions or concerns they may have. The e-mail is Please include your child's address, school, and phone number where they can be reached.  Please click on the school bus to update your student's bus transportation status for the next school year.

Transportation Details satellite view of back car line area

School doors open at 7:30am, classes start at 8:30am, and dismissal is at 3:25pm. On time arrival is very important to your child’s education. 
Car Rider Drop-off and Pick-up – We need the help of every driver to keep our car pick-up system safe and efficient. Please be mindful of the following:

For safety, All students must be dropped off and picked up ON CAMPUS. Your actions as a driver impact the safety and efficiency of this system. Please be respectful of others and comply with all procedures. No student may be picked up or dropped off alongside the road or across the street.

1. Morning drop-off for all car riders is in the front driveway. Cars will stack quickly. Help us keep the street clear of cars. Pull forward nearest the crosswalk before letting your child out of the car.   Drivers must turn right to exit from 8:10-8:30.
2. Afternoon pick-up for all 7th and 8th grade car riders is in the front driveway. A 6th grader who rides with a 7thor 8th grader may also be picked up in the front driveway, if they choose.
3. Sixth (6th) graders, and 7th & 8th graders riding with 6th graders may be picked up in the rear driveway.  The image shows the path at which the back carline flows.  Drivers will enter through the Paris Elementary bus loop and exit through the Sevier faculty parking area between parked cars.  No driver may enter there to wait before 3:00 to allow Paris bus traffic to clear. Drivers must arrive by 3:40, this pick-up closes at 3:40. Between 3:25 - 3:35pm, drivers leaving the back car line should turn right when exiting to continue steady traffic flow.
4. Display your issued car number in the windshield during pick-up so that our staff may see it clearly.
5.  Between 3:25 - 3:40pm, drivers leaving the front car line should turn right when exiting to continue steady traffic flow.
6. All drivers must arrive by 3:40. If a specific work condition or high school driver arrangement prevents this arrival time, you must contact to arrange.
Bus Rider Drop-off and Pick-up are in the rear of the school. We do not expect any change to bus routes or times for each bus stop. The Transportation Dept. will send information to confirm these times in early August.
NOTE to ALL — If you have any change in your transportation arrangements for next year, you must submit a Transportation Change form to the Guidance Office. Thank you for your conscientious support.