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LEAP Day RSVP for Sevier Middle School

The week of August 17, Sevier will host LEAP Days intended for both our on-campus students and those students enrolled in Virtual School. These days are designed for students to meet their peers and teachers, conduct an assessment to establish learning needs, and pick up Chromebooks and other materials.    Students will only attend the one session designated by their last Name and their enrollment status.  Students that cannot attend their designated LEAP Day session may make an appointment for the makeup day scheduled for Friday, August 21 

Please take a moment to complete the attached online LEAP Day RSVP Survey.  This form will provide more information as well as collect needed input for this event.  Please complete this form no later than August 13th.

LEAP Day Schedule
Monday (8/17) - Blue Group (students with last names A-D) [8:30-10:45am for in-school students, 12:30 - 3pm for virtual students]
Tuesday (8/18) - Red Group (students with last names E-K) [8:30-10:45am for in-school students, 12:30 - 3pm for virtual students]
Wednesday (8/19) - Green Group (students with last names L-Q)  [8:30-10:45am for in-school students, 12:30 - 3pm for virtual students]
Thursday (8/20) - Purple Group (students with last names R-Z)  [8:30-10:45am for in-school students, 12:30 - 3pm for virtual students]
Friday (8/21) - Drive through pick up day. (by appointment only)  [8:30-10:45am for in-school students, 12:30 - 3pm for virtual students]

School Supply Lists

Please review Sevier's School Supply List for the 2020-2021 school year.  All Sevier students will need the following items.  Additional Items are listed per grade level in the attached School Supply List.

  1. Earbuds for Chromebook.  Earbuds need to have the traditional jack, not the new apple version.
  2. Masks.  Recommend 5 cloth masks or gaiters for each student.
  3. Sealable water bottle.  Should come to school filled with water, Sevier is installing three touchless water bottle filling stations for refills.

6th Grade Band & Strings Preparations

Attention 6th graders and parents:  If your child is going to be in band or strings this fall, please consider making an appointment with Musical Innovations for a mouthpiece fitting. This opportunity is usually provided during our Open House event, however due to COVID regulations; it will not be possible this year. Musical Innovations works closely with our band and strings director Mrs. Marsh. They have payment plans available and will deliver to the school.  Parents are welcome to choose a different music store.  If so, please communicate contact information with Mrs. Marsh.  A list of other local music stores is listed on Mrs. Marsh's website.  Please email Mrs. Marsh with questions regarding beginning 6th grade instruments at ckmarsh@greenville.k12.sc.us.

School Date Change

Greenville County Schools -- Parent Message 7.17.2020
Parents, this is Greenville County Schools with an important update. Greenville County Schools is moving the first day of school from Monday, August 17 to Monday, August 24. This change will allow us time to reconstruct class rosters and allocate teachers in response to the new Virtual Program, which will continue to enroll students through July 27. The last day of school will not change. Since we are an approved eLearning district, we have changed our three snow days into student attendance days. These days are March 18, April 2, and April 23. Also, Monday, November second and Monday, January 15 will change to student attendance days. Election Day, November third, will continue to be a student/teacher holiday as mandated by law. You can find the revised calendar on the GCS website.

Greenville County Schools Updates

Please visit the Greenville County Schools Homepage for the most current information regarding our school district. 
Available information regarding school operations related to COVID-19 may be found on the Return to School Parent Resource Page.

Required Transportation Form

Please access the new 2020-21 online transportation request form. We are asking for a completed form for all students so we can efficiently plan for how students will arrive and depart our campuses daily. It is particularly important for students who intend to ride the bus, who have moved or who have changed schools to have a form completed. Car riders, walkers, bicyclists, and daycare bus riders are also required to complete this form. In order to ensure school bus transportation on the first day of school, forms are due by 10am on July 15th. School bus requests submitted after 10am on July 15th will not be routed until after Labor Day in the order they were received. 

School Enrollment for 2020-2021

Instructions for Completing Enrollment Packets

Parents if you are interested in completing an enrollment packet for the 2020-2021 school year please view the following:

As we are unable to accept paper copies at this time, for your convenience, you may download an Enrollment Packet.
Spanish version: Enrollment Packet

Please scan & email the completed packet to Bethany Shirk at bshirk@greenville.k12.sc.us. It is important that all required documents listed on the Enrollment Information for Parents form are included with the submission of the completed enrollment form (copy of ID; birth certificate, Immunization; 2 current proofs of residence, etc....).
If you wish to complete an online enrollment packet, please visit Greenville County Schools FORMS and select the following: Student Enrollment Form, Home Language Survey, Student Transportation. You must print & email the completed forms along with all other required documentation that is listed on the Enrollment Information for Parents form. Send to Bethany Shirk at bshirk@greenville.k12.sc.us

Once your information is submitted & received you will receive notification as to whether or not any additional documentation is needed.

If your child’s last school attended is OUTSIDE of Greenville County Schools, the more information you are able to provide the speedier the process.  We will request school records, however, please be aware that if you do not have any documentation of school records, the enrollment process may take much longer.

WHHS Football Information

Students interested in playing WHHS football next year that will be in 7th - 9th grade are asked to view the attached WHHS Football information.