Sevier Middle School Improvement Council

The School Improvement Council (SIC) at Sevier Middle School welcomes your participation at our monthly meetings.  SICs are mandated by law and exist in every public school in South Carolina.  The goal is to bring together parents, educators and community stakeholders to work collectively to improve our schools.  At Sevier Middle, we are fortunate to have an active and invested SIC.  We serve as an advisory committee to the Principal, staying abreast of school programming, providing feedback on priority objectives, and lending help as requested.


Being a part of the SIC is easy and rewarding.  Members develop a deeper understanding of the issues affecting our schools and have an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas.  We all bring different perspectives to the table to ensure all students at Sevier are challenged to reach their fullest potential.

Please consider your own participation on the Sevier Middle School SIC.  

Tentative Program Calendar Dates:
Meetings begin at 12:40pm
September 6, 2019    
October 4, 2019                         
November 1, 2019      
December 6, 2019  
January 10, 2020                            
February 7, 2020                        
March 6, 2020                               
April 3,  2020            
May 1, 2020