Introduction of PlanetHS

 Complete the 2017-2018 Athletic Pre-Participation Forms online via PlanetHS-SAFE, SECURED, and DISTRICT APPROVED!

Athletes and parents/legal guardians are now able to complete and digitally sign the 2017-2018 Athletic Pre-Participation forms that are mandatory before participating in any sports- conditioning, tryouts, practices, etc.  

Please CLICK HERE and take the time to read the PlanetHS Student/Parent Pre-Participation Web Forms Manual for detailed information and complete instructions.

To access the Athletic Pre-Participation Forms, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Login or create your account.  *Be sure to choose the school in which you are enrolled as your home school.
  3. Hover over the Athletics tab near the top of your screen.  Click on the Athletic Pre-Participation link.

*Students have the ability to immediately complete and digitally sign the Pre-Participation forms.  

 **Parents must have a parent-student linked account.  When parent/legal guardian and student athlete accounts are linked, the Pre-Participation forms will be available to the parents to complete and digitally sign.  Either student or parent can initiate the linking process.  (Click on the Link Account button to initiate the linking process.)

Questions?  Call 1-888-668-7452 x 0    or   email