Support our Schools

It may be summer time, but our teachers are busy planning for our next school year.

Donors Choose is a nonprofit corporation that assists our teachers and classrooms by funding their projects. Please select a project and show your support by donating for our student's benefit. 

Mrs. Roach has posted a new project, Diversifying My Classroom Library

Mrs. Uria has  a project, Every Language Creates in Color. This project request supplies for students colorful supplies to be creative in their writing!

Mrs. Hasenkamp's project  Finding Our Voices was funded and she received a class set of the nonfiction book Fred Korematsu Speaks Up. Her students will be able to read these books and learn about how standing up and using their voice can spark great, positive change.

Mrs. Carey is thankful for the funding of her project, Get your Geofix for  creative, hands-on techniques for learning with Geofix kits.

Thanks for supporting our students and teachers through Donors Choose!