Support our Schools

Donors Choose is a nonprofit corporation that assists our teachers and classrooms by funding their projects. Please select a project and show your support by donating for our student's benefit. 

Mrs. Uria has posted a new project, Every Language Creates in Color. This project request supplies for students colorful supplies to be creative in their writing!

Mr. Young has posted a project, for tablets to test the students coding programs,  A+ STEM Student-Led Programming.

Mrs. Roach, 8th grade Literature teacher, has posted a project, Reading is Fundamental! She states, "It is important for ALL of my students to find books that they love in which the main characters are like them. I hope to add these titles to my classroom library so that all of my students can choose books that interest them and help them develop a lifelong love of reading!"

Mrs. Carey, our school media specialist,  is always seeking funds for the student book club, MakerSpace activity kits, and our school International Club. Please consider make a donation that may be used on the next project 

Congratulations to Ms. Burdette, 6th grade Math teacher, her project, Wobbling and Wiggling to Success. was fully funded. She says, "Allowing my students to move around the room with these flexible seating options will help make them more successful throughout the year."

Give Mrs. Lamb a high five! Her classroom project "Creativity! Collaboration! Critical Thinking! We're Just Missing Calculators!" was recently funded.