Support our Schools

Donors Choose is a nonprofit corporation that assists our teachers and classrooms by funding their projects. Please select a project and show your support by donating for our student's benefit. 

Mrs. Roach, in 7th grade, has posted a new class project for her students. Flexible Seating for Energetic 7th graders.  Her seventh grade students need a way to let out energy without distracting others. Flexible seating will give them a chance to move and release energy while still working quietly at their desks. Students enjoy working more when they can move!

Mrs. Carey, out school media specialist,  is always seeking funds for the student book club, MakerSpace activity kits, and our school International Club. Please consider make a donation that may be used on the next project 

Mrs. Uria's latest project for supplies for her students was fully funded this week.  On March 27, Stephen Colbert announced San Francisco cryptocurrency startup company, Ripple donated to fully fund all projects currently posted. The donation of $29 million  is paying for more than 35,600 classroom requests made on the nonprofit crowdfunding platform. That’s $29 million in library books and computers. Field trips, trombones and microscopes. Backpacks filled with pens and paper.