Math Department Information

We at Greenville Senior High Academy of Law, Finance, and Business are keenly aware that a good mathematical background is needed for the best positions in nearly every field. Success will enable our students to go on to other academic mathematics courses needed for higher education and promising careers.

Our desire as teachers is for every student to reach his or her potential. We are dedicated to providing quality education by involving students in the learning process, developing in students a responsibility towards education, and making learning enjoyable.

Below you will find links to the mathematics curriculum, faculty, expectations for all math classes, along with links to sources for student assistance and other areas of interest.

We always welcome your input. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to call or visit us at the school.

Tips on How to Succeed in Math

  • Be in Class - This seems all too obvious, but always remember it is difficult to succeed when behind.
  • Focus - Activate your mind. Take notes. Ask relevant questions. It is difficult to succeed when distracted.
  • Be Positive - You have all the necessary tools in your head for success. Tap into them. It is difficult to succeed when negative.
  • Work Hard - Nothing worthwhile in life ever comes easy. Complete your homework. Study for tests. It is difficult to succeed when lazy.
  • Be Helpful - One of the best ways to learn is to explain a procedure to someone else. Be friendly. It is difficult to succeed when selfish.
  • Bring Materials - You NEED to bring your book, pencil, and notebook (this will include all notes and homework assignments). It is difficult to succeed when empty handed.
  • Value Learning - You will have new things to learn the rest of your life - might as well enjoy it. We are constantly learning. It's a lifelong process. It is difficult to succeed when condemning education.


Every student is expected to conduct himself or herself in a manner conducive to learning. To produce an effective learning environment, the following must be maintained:

  • Treat classmates and staff members with respect at all times.
  • Be seated with materials out and ready to begin class when the tardy bell rings.
  • Follow policies stated in the school handbook.
  • Get a good night's sleep (every night) and eat a good breakfast (every morning).
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Present work professionally (neat handwriting and neat paper - without tears, stains, or wrinkles).
  • Follow the Greenville High Honor Code for all classwork, group work, homework, projects, quizzes, tests, and other assignments.
  • Maintain class materials in an organized manner.

If a student chooses not to adhere to expected procedures, the following are among the consequences: conference with the student, conference with the parents/guardians, conference with the guidance counselors, conference with administrators, detention, referral to an administrator. The consequent chosen by the teacher depends on the severity and/or frequency of the noncompliance.

Classroom Materials

Each student will need to bring the following materials to class every day:

  • sharpened pencil
  • 3-ring style notebook
  • loose-leaf notebook paper
  • calculator
  • math textbook
  • all notes and completed assignments
  • other materials as specially designated by the teacher for specific topics of instruction

Parent / Guardian Involvement

You, as a parent/guardian, are a key influence in the life of your child. We ask your help in:

  • establishing a regular time and place for studying
  • supporting your child's successes and assisting in improving his or her weaknesses
  • being involved in school events
  • consistently monitoring your child's performance and progress in classes
  • communicating to teachers ways to best meet the needs of your son or daughter
  • expecting your child to perform at their best level at all times
  • ensuring that your child performs and behaves according to the established policies
  • insisting that your son or daughter come for extra help when he or she is experiencing difficulties
  • keeping education as a top priority in your child's life: education is his or her job!
  • holding your son or daughter accountable for his or her own learning and his or her level of success or lack thereof

Extra Help

If your son or daughter needs extra help with a portion of his or her math class, please let the teacher know. Teachers will be glad to assist any student at a time which is suitable for both. Students should advise the teacher of any needs in advance and not wait until the day before a quiz or test to ask for help