Our Goals

Goal #1: All students will graduate in four years.

Objective 1: Average student attendance will increase. Teachers will carefully monitor student absences. Teachers will phone parent(s) when students miss 5 days of a yearly course or 3 days of a semester course. Teachers will give students updates on attendance as needed. Attendance record keeping will be paperless. Each classroom will have individual software for more accuracy.
Objective 2: Students will meet SC state requirements for graduation (to prevent dropout rate). Incoming at-risk students will be double blocked in math and English. Students will receive at least 24 Carnegie units. Students will keep portfolios containing graduation requirements (IGPs).Students will not have excessive absences in courses (no more than 10 in a yearly course). See Goal 1, Objective 1.
Objective 3: Each eligible student will pass end of course tests. Students will set their own goals and regularly assess their goals according to State Curriculum Standards. Students will confer with teachers and guidance counselors to assess their goals. Teachers will use monthly department meetings to develop strategies for passing these tests. Students will master standards for the core curriculum.

Goal #2: Students will participate in a rigorous curriculum which will prepare them for higher education and the workplace.

Objective 1: We will improve student learning and achievement by reducing the retention rate in each grade. The school will adjust scheduling to reflect the needs of at-risk students. The school will work with Graduate Greenville to provide additional support structures for at 0 risk students. The school will provide multiple tutoring programs for student academic assistance each day.
Objective 2: Enrollment of a diverse population of students will increase in AP/upper level courses.
Objective 3: The number of students enrolled in honors and AP courses will increase. The school will increase vertical teaming with middle school feeders. Teachers will use interdisciplinary teaching to promote AP/upper level course enrollment. Students will be educated on the AP/upper level course program through a Curriculum Night and the experiences of fellow students.
Objective 4: The average student SAT score of GHS students taking the test will increase by 10 points annually. Continue offering the SAT workshop. Continue encouraging SAT preparation using practice books and online tutorial. Require all teachers to include vocabulary acquisition skills and writing across the curriculum.

Goal #3: We will provide effective and innovative instruction for all students.

Objective 1: The faculty will consist of certified teachers (who teach only in their content area) who share successful teaching practices. The school will implement methods of in-house sharing of innovative practices. The school will encourage participation in local and district workshops and conventions. All teachers will be highly qualified and certified for the No Child Left Behind Act.
Objective 2: Teachers will increase utilization of progressive technology in the instructional program. The school will provide staff development opportunities in the use of new and current equipment and software. The school will provide each classroom with computers and make available progressive technology.
Objective 3: Teachers will implement the state standards in each area that applies to Greenville High Academy. Each department member will teach the state curriculum standards for his/her curriculum. Teachers will be observed by administration and will receive timely feedback.

Goal #4: Involvement and communication will increase in the Greenville High School community.

Objective 1: To increase the number of parents and/or guardians involved in the school. Teachers will contact parents/guardians through phone or email at the beginning of each year. The school will saturate the community with mailings to encourage attendance at Curriculum Night and other events.
Objective 2: To improve relationships between the school and the business community. The school will create new and continue existing programs with businesses. Staff will communicate with the media to promote a positive image of GHS. The school will continue and improve The Business Education Partnership.
Objective 3: To improve communication between parents and teachers. The school will provide an in-service for teachers on improving methods of communication in classroom situations. Teachers will attend Open House at the beginning of the year. School will provide student handbook.